Photographic Exhibits

300 Miles from Home Photo Exhibit

Jefferson Arts Gallery
575 W Washington Street, Monticello, Florida
Show will be open 10 AM to 2 PM

More than 300 years ago, James Moore of Carolina with Creek and Yamassee allies, made a major raid on the land of the Apalachee, especially destroying the Spanish Missions and taking slaves. The Spanish burned the fort at Mission San Luis to keep it from falling into enemy hands.

The Apalachee abandoned their homeland.  Strong Catholics, a few left for St. Augustine with the Spanish, others fled west to Pensacola and on to the French at Mobile. After the Louisiana Purchase in 1815 they moved west, ultimately locating the remnants of the tribe and their descendants in modern Louisiana

Today, the Apalachee are a close knit group of farmers and members of the Catholic faith much as their ancestors were.  Many of them are in the military. This photographic display links the surviving Apalachee with their ancestors and their homeland.